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collocation of Tie and collar shape
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Standard collar: Because collar type is common, so the easiest collocation, no matter any tie can try to match with it, and do not need to criticize tie's pattern.

Wide Angle collar: This collar fits the tie of Windsor knot, and is usually matched with a British style suit. It was the Duke of Windsor who led the rise. But the open collar shirts are popular with a slightly smaller half Windsor tie.

Buckle collar: This collar-shaped collar tip is generally equal to or less than the standard collar, so it is suitable for a Windsor knot or a common knot.

There is a loop collar: this collar shape because of the small angle, so the general system is common knot.

Pinhole collar: Suitable for ordinary knot.

Fang Collar: General system of half Windsor knot or ordinary knot.

Ji-shaped collar: generally tied to a bow rather than a common tie.

Stand collar: usually not tie.