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color match of Tie and suit
- Jan 31, 2018 -

If you choose a tie with a variety of colors, notice that any one of the colors in the pattern is the same as the color of the shirt or suit, and the effect is icing on the cake.

Generally from the angle of color collocation, the main attention should be paid to the following points:

Black Suit
Wear a white shirt and a light-colored shirt, gray, blue, green and so on with the shirt color harmony tie.

Grey suit
Can be gray, green, yellow and brick-coloured ties, white-dominated light-colored shirts.

Dark blue Suit
With blue, carmine and orange ties, wear white and bright blue shirts.

Blue Suit
With dark blue, grey, rouge, yellow and brick ties, wear pink, yellow, silver and bright blue shirts.

Brown suit
It can be served with dark brown, grey, green and yellow ties, white, gray, silver and bright brown shirts.

Green Suit
It can be served with yellow, fat, brown and brick ties, bright silver grey, blue, brown and silver gray shirts.