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guidance to choose a tie
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Tie, as an essential product of suit suit, plays an important role in decorating, ornament and beautifying suit. To buy an ideal tie, from the fabric, color, style, quality and other aspects to choose.

A safe and reliable choice
Every man should have a deep, toned tie in a daily wardrobe, such as dark blue, wine red, and grey. The dark tie white shirt, is a classic never outdated collocation. Such a tie is a valuable purchase that can be worn on a daily basis or in lieu of a bow tie for an important party.

Fashion Mix

A heavy tie is always very solemn and elegant, especially when it is of high quality and pure silk.

Wine red, red, brick gray looks more rugged. If you prefer a more stylish one, bright gray and black are good. With the excellent suit shoes, with the color of the shirt with, will have a very rich style collocation.

If you have this popular tonal tie, be sure to ensure high quality, because you can not keep the quality of the flat after the tie, you will be on the folds of the necktie lose a man's reliable and solid appearance.

If you have only a few ties, you should not buy a more eccentric style, instead, you should buy a few more simple or twill style. Mainly see you are conservative or outgoing, tie to suit your taste. Try to buy more adaptable ties to match the clothes and shoes you already have.