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Handkerchief is the most fashionable environmental protection
- Jan 31, 2018 -

In Europe, handkerchiefs first appeared in the Middle Ages. At first, the handkerchief was regarded as a symbol of honor, more highly respected, even the national decree has more than once reiterated: strictly prohibit the lower classes as a gift to each other gifts. At this time, the British Queen Elizabeth came into power. Elizabeth is a modern woman, the handkerchief is like times to, so, handkerchief also swept the country.

It is reported that China consumes 4.4 million tons of paper products a year, a ton of paper products need to consume 17 trees in 10, that is to say, China will consume 74.8 million trees for 10 years on paper every year, which is an unusually scary set of data, so using handkerchiefs has become the most fashionable topic.

In fact, relative to the paper towel, the advantage of the handkerchief is also very obvious, beautiful and generous, suction oil suction sweat, more sanitary, no paper towel bleaching problems.