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How to maintain a tie
- Jan 31, 2018 -

After using the tie, please immediately untie the bow tie, and gently from the knot, to avoid pulling the table cloth and lining, so that the fiber rupture caused by permanent wrinkles.

After each wear closure, please fold the tie in half flat or tie it up, and pay attention to whether the place is smooth to avoid scratching the tie.

When driving a seat belt, do not tie the tie to the seat belt to avoid wrinkles.

After wearing the same tie once, please wear it after a few days, and first put the tie in the damp place or spray a little water, so that the crease in the back of the original, and then to the dry place flat or hanging stand.

When contaminated with dirt, immediately dry cleaning, processing knot fold please use steam iron low-temperature ironing. Washing and high temperature ironing can easily cause deformation and damage.