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Identification method of silk scarf
- Jan 31, 2018 -

The sample is spread out to view its appearance, the silk has the performance of absorbing light, it looks smooth and can not mirror, gloss elegant and soft, pearl bright, soft and elegant, silk thread is more dense, with the hands will have wrinkles, the higher the purity, the greater the density of the silks feel better; simulation silk fabric through the process of removal, feel softer, but the silk surface is dark, no pearl luster Chemical fiber fabric luster bright, dazzling, feel more stiff. In addition, silk products should be slightly scraping the feeling of the hands, will be two layers of fabric friction, will produce "silk-ming" sound, and other raw materials of the fabric did not.

Combustion method: Remove part of the yarn thread to burn, pure silk can not see the open flame, there is the smell of burning hair, indicating that there is protein fiber, silk ash into black particles, can be crushed by hand; simulation Silk meets the fire, has the plastic taste, the fire extinguished the edge will leave the hard glue block. Silk shrinkage is higher, the purchase of finished products to select a larger than the actual requirements of the specification is appropriate, if it is cloth, the cloth should be put into the water before soaking more than 5 hours, so that the cloth completely absorb moisture to dry, and then soak the 2nd time, so that the silk will not deform.