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Main classification of tie
- Jun 24, 2018 -

    Administrative series tie, designed for white-collar workers to work for a family, the pattern is based on eternal dot, twill, lattice. The materials are elegant and elegant.

    Evening series tie, this series pays special attention to the fluorescent effect on the tie. On the deep tie background, the lines and star-like distributions of the latitude and longitude are the highlights, and the stars are full of flavor.

    Casual series tie, relaxed, casual, tie decoration over the etiquette needs. Therefore, cartoon figurines, flowers, figures, etc. also climbed up their ties and were specially used for matching with T-shirts and casual suits.

    Trendy series of tie, exaggerated colors, grotesque patterns, everywhere reveals the series from the sentence, become a pet chasing avant-garde. Purple, indigo, tile yellow, etc. are the standard colors and are specially prepared for men who wear exotic clothes and wear accessories.

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