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Matches for shirts and ties
- Jun 24, 2018 -

Matches for shirts and ties

    The matching of shirts and ties is a science. If it is not properly paired, it may destroy the overall feeling.  However, if it is well-coordinated, it can capture the eyes of everyone and make them look different. Ties always play a leading role because it is the most eye-catching part of clothing. In general, we should first focus our attention on the matching of ties and suit tops. From a more refined point of view, the color of the shirt should be the basic color of the tie.

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    The white shirt is very good for every man, suitable for all occasions, and will not be outdated, so every man should at least prepare a white shirt that can be changed, and it is matched with a variety of lively colors or bold ties. It's all good. The eternal fashion mix is a tie in white or light blue shirt with a single color or a bright pattern. This is a timeless match.

    In the way of clothing collocation, simply forever please. If you choose a tie and clothing for yourself, and the tie's taste is not so confident, don't try to make a difference. You know, most men don't feel like patterns. Not only that, you never know what your "out of the ordinary" taste may cause anyone to resent. The mix of shirts and ties also reflects to a certain extent the level of familiarity you have with others.

    Every man should have at least one white or light blue collar buttoning shirt. In terms of tie, there is at least one tie that is pure blue or wine red for use during the day. There should also be a silk-knit jacquard tie or a pure black tie to be used instead of the collar flower when attending a formal dinner.