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Matching skills of Tie and suit, shirt color
- Jun 24, 2018 -

    Generally speaking, from the perspective of color matching, the following points should be noted:

    A black suit, wearing a white shirt and a light-colored shirt, with a gray, blue, green tie with the color of the shirt.

    Gray suits can be fitted with gray, green, yellow and brick ties and white shirts in pale colors.

    Dark blue suit, can be equipped with blue, rouge and orange tie, wear white and bright blue shirt.

    A blue suit with dark blue, gray, rouge, yellow and brick ties, pink, yellow, silver and bright blue shirts.

    Brown suits can be paired with dark brown, grey, green and yellow ties, in white, grey, silver and bright brown shirts.

    Green suits can be used with yellow, jersey, brown and brick ties, and bright silver, blue, brown and silver grey shirts.

    If you're choosing a tie with multiple color patterns, be aware that any color in the pattern can be the same color as a shirt or suit, the effect will be icing on the cake.

Matches for shirts and ties.jpg