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Necktie fabric selection - what material is the tie good for?
- Oct 27, 2018 -

What is the necktie fabric selection and the necktie fabric? Ties are usually matched with suits. Today the colors and craftsmanship of ties are becoming more and more elaborate and artistic.

necktie fabric

Neckties are usually made of silk, as well as silk fabrics, polyester fabrics and so on. Silk fabric feels good, and yarn dyed bright. It's a good choice. Polyester and imitation silk are chemical fiber fabrics. They don't have silk fabrics and feel a little worse.

what material is the tie good for?

The price difference between the two is also very large, the cost of polyester is low, silk belongs to natural fabric and the cost is high.

A tie is a symbol of civilization in men's social activities. An ideal tie should be chosen from the fabrics, colors, styles and quality of the tie.

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