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Necktie purchase
- Jul 21, 2018 -

The quality of the tie is divided into 3 parts: surface, inside and lining. It is most important to face and lining. The first-class tie is made lining with fine wool fabric, and the advanced special silk jacquard fabric is used as the fabric. The tie is made of 45 degree slanting wire, so that unsightly locks or pleats can be avoided. Therefore, to check the advantages and disadvantages of the tie, first to see whether the tie is easy to start the lock, secondly, to see if the cutting is not a straight line, (from the pattern to whether the tie is parallel to the necktie edge line, it can be seen whether it is a straight line cutting, this point is the most obvious Stripe Tie), the lining is serving.

The designs of the neckties include stripes, monochromatic, geometric figures, pointwise graphics and recent cartoon patterns. The slender body is suitable for the pattern of thick and thin. For medium sized people, it is possible to provide a stable, balanced and elegant feeling by using a diagonal or geometric small flower pattern. The length of the tie should be chosen according to its own conditions. The general standard is that after the tie is tied, the bottom of the tie is just on the buckle.

In addition, people with wide faces should not wear long neckties, and long faces should not choose wide neckties. When you buy a tie, you should pay attention to whether the patterns and colors are compatible with the season and the occasion to attend; of course, age, occupation, position and character must be considered.

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