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The production process of the tie
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Pattern design: For the color weaving tie, design or want to come out of the pattern to have certain regularity, and then use the tie design special software, according to the pattern design can be used for fabric loom software or flower version. For printed ties, there is no specific pattern, as long as you can think out, it can be printed on, printing must be done first film, that is, usually said film, and then made flower version.

Fabric cutting: First of all to the fabric cut into the shape of a tie, note, must be 45 degrees angle cut. The fabric determines the length of the tie. Then, the lining of the tie must be cut, usually with polyester, silk or wool. The shape of the tie will be based on the lining, generally divided into straight belt type, small bottle type, large bottle type, look at individual likes different. Finally, also want to cut the silk of the tie (that is, the fabric of the head of the tie), the general tie here used to make brand marks, but the general is used to have regular rules of the filament.