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What are the features of jacquard fabric?
- Feb 24, 2018 -

1, colorful, vivid and vivid

Through the unique jacquard technology, the bed is rich in color, not monotonous, the shape of the flower is strong, the concave and convex are strong, and the bed can make the bedroom appear more splendid after the bed.

2, soft and smooth, breathable comfort

The quality of the cotton yarn can not be put forward the shape of the pattern, so the jacquard fabric requirements for cotton is very high, yarn fabric should be more detailed, generally in about 40s. This high - and high - density bed feels softer and slippery, and feels refreshing and breathable in use, giving you a non - general sleep experience.

3. It's thick, durable and durable.

Because jacquard fabric is made of high quality cotton, jacquard bed is characterized by its thicker texture, abrasion resistance, no deformation and washing. It is also a practical and durable bed product.

Jacquard technology is more common in daily life. This particular technology can always change the first sense of clothing at a critical moment, so it is also important to have a deep understanding of jacquard technology.