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A Stain On A Silk Tie
- Jun 07, 2018 -

A stain on a silk tie

1. Carrot is crushed and mixed with salt. Rub it on a tie with blood and milk stains and rinse it with clean water.

2, if the tie is sprinkled with coffee or tea, it can be washed immediately if it is removed and washed with hot water. If the stain is dry, it must be washed in a more complicated way. Smear the stain with glycerin and egg yolk mixture. After a little drying, wash with water.

Ten methods of cleaning the silk necktie

1, after the silk necktie is used up, it should be hung in the cabinet, ventilated and prevented from being pressed. It must be dry cleaned and pressed at low temperature.

2, silk tie can be washed with neutral detergent, hanging drop feeling, ironing ironing, do not screw up.

3, if the unfortunate silk tie is smeared, use paper towels or handkerchiefs on the stains to dry the juice. Remember not to smear those stains, because they will expand the scope of stains.

4, when cleaning ties, put them on a smooth plank and brush them lightly.

5, mild stains only use cotton swabs to dip alcohol in the stain, gently wipe the fabric along with the silk thread, no washing.

6, if the tie is too dirty, it must be dry cleaned with solvent gasoline above 120.

7, before cleaning, put a hard paper with the same shape in the inspiration, then spray the water, brush the afternoon with a brush dipped in the detergent, rinse thoroughly and quickly, and then rinse with clean water.

8, tie should not be exposed to sunlight, otherwise it will cause yellowness and affect the appearance.

9, tie is not used for a long time. Before storage, it is best to press it once, so as to achieve the purpose of killing insects and sterilization, and keep the necktie kept dry.

10, when the tie is sent to dry cleaning, remember as a dry cleaner shop assistant points out the stain position, which can help the shop assistant know the presence of stains so as to make appropriate treatment.

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