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A Tie Determines Whether You Are Beckham Or Sharp Cock Brother ?
- Jul 21, 2018 -

Beckham often wears a suit tie in front of the public. The handsome face, coupled with a suit and tie, is more attractive. It is a typical representative of the fashion industry. And assume that if you don't wear a tie and a T-shirt, you'll be slovenly and untidy. Unless your beauty can support everything. If not, please take a tie. So what's a nice tie?

man necktie

1. Windsor tie, the most orthodox, the most serious, the most complex and the most classical existence, because of the Duke of Windsor. This knot is very symmetrical. It can play a very beautiful and full triangle with a wide collar shirt. It is suitable for formal occasions.

2. narrow necktie, compared with the style that the Chaoshan pursued, its width is basically the same, about 5-7cm. Compared with the thick and wide tie, it appears more casual and simple. In recent years, the suit has been developing towards the narrow and fixed direction, especially in the casual and semi formal situation, basically the narrow necktie. For young boys just entering the workplace, it is necessary.

3. four hand tie. Four hand knot means that only four steps can be taken to tie the tie well. This is one of the most convenient necktie ties, which is more complicated than the red scarf. It is a way of producing narrow ties, with narrow collar shirts and hold for all leisure occasions.

The tie is very important. When you pay attention to clothes, such as some famous lounge and more than two Michelin restaurants, you will ask for "Suit & Tie Required" during the dinner, and you will wear a T-shirt and short pants. Do you think this is a discrimination? No, tie represents the taste, and respect for businesses and other customers. It's not that you have money.

So a man can have no perfume, no cigarettes, but no tie.

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