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Before We Buy A Tie, We Need To Identify A Few Questions.
- Jun 07, 2018 -

1, usually working in formal work?

If used for work, it can be a plain coloured tie, such as blue tone, black tone, not overly publicized. It appears subtle and meticulous, highlighting professionalism. It can also be brighter in color, showing individuality and highlighting fashion, such as blue and white stripes, yellow tones and so on. Of course, it is also related to the nature of your work. If you are usually in formal situations, it will be more dignified and dignified.

2. Use of leisure suits?

The leisure suit itself is relatively relaxed and more casual, and the tie is bright and lively. In the case of matching the color of the suit shirt, the tie of pure color can be selected, such as rice yellow, light blue, light purple, pink and so on.

3. To take part in the party?

You usually choose to buy bright colored neckties for parties, because the light of the party is relatively dark, and a bright tie can make you look more alive.

4. Take part in a business meeting?

Business meetings are generally in the more high-grade hotels, hotels, etc., it is a very formal occasion, everyone is the starting point of work, so everyone in the understanding and communication, while the professional dress can highlight your work ability, attitude, character characteristics, and so on, the wear tie must be stable, deep. The dark tone of the color system reflects your implicit meaning, so that your potential partners or superiors will pay more attention to you.

5. To take part in the wedding?

The wedding necktie must be warm color, the bridegroom uses red, including red, red and red tie, and as a guest is better also the red system is better, remember not to wear white tie oh. It's very eye - catching.

6. What color shirt does it match?

There are several key questions to keep in mind. The striped shirt is best with striped tie, the plaid shirt is better to match the collar of the lattices, and the pure color shirt is relatively easy to choose. No matter the pure color tie or the flower tie tie, the only principle is that the color system is the same. The blue shirt and the red tie are very ugly. People feel nothing.

7, with what type of shirt?

The collar type of shirts may not be concerned by general people. In fact, we generally know that shirts, regardless of leisure or formal dress, are roughly divided into eight word collar, eight word collar and big eight character collar. Generally speaking, we are all eight characters and big eight characters. The necktie needs to be paid attention to is the width and collar of the necktie. The size of the knot is better to match the narrow necktie of the sword with the narrow necktie, the collar of the tie is small, the eight character collar is relatively random, the big eight character collar should pay attention to it, you can choose a wide tie, the bow tie is bigger, or otherwise it will appear very uncoordinated.

8. What color suits do you have?

In addition to the shirt, the most important thing is the suit. Not only should we pay attention to the collocation of the tie and suit, but also pay attention to the collocation of the shirt and the suit. Only when the suit and the shirt are in harmony, a proper tie will bring the finishing effect to your dress. Generally speaking, the color of a tie or a color line with a shirt or a suit with a suit is the safest way to wear the tie. Don't make a tie inconsistent with the suit and shirt. It is likely to be a joke.

9, what material to choose from?

Necktie material is not important, mainly divided into two kinds of silk and polyester fabric, silk fabric is the mainstream fabric now, the general necktie components on the "mulberry silk" or "silk" shows that the advantages of the silk fabric are the color of the tie, the texture, the feeling is relatively high, but the price is relatively more expensive, polyester fabric is also chemical Fiber fabrics are usually made of "polyester" or "South Korean silk" or "Polyester". They are brightly colored, but they lack a steady effect. It should be noted that the so-called "South Korean silk" is polyester.

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