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Bow Ties Can Be Used In Many Ways
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Flat knot: One of the most popular bow-tie styles for men, almost suitable for a variety of materials.

Tip: The concave hole formed below the bow tie, need to let both sides evenly and the lining, this kind of concave hole usually only has the silk tie to be able to fight out.

Double ring knot: A fine texture of the tie and then paired with the double ring knot is quite able to create a sense of fashion, suitable for young office workers to choose. The bow tie feature is that the first lap will be slightly out of the second lap, but don't deliberately cover it.

Windsor knot: Windsor knot suitable for wide collar type of shirt, the tie should be more horizontal development. Avoid too thick a tie, nor a bow tie.

Double Cross knot: Such a bow tie is very easy to have a kind of elegant and solemn feeling, suitable for formal occasions to choose. The bow tie should be used in plain and silky tie, if the shirt with a large lapel is not only suitable and a sense of nobility.