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Handkerchiefs Are Widely Used
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Handkerchief-wipe perspiration, wipe tears, modesty must. Durable green pollution-free things. It can also be recycled.

A silk ornament of his own hat; a lady, without a handkerchief sprinkled with perfume, would never go to a social establishment.

Handkerchief, with all cotton single yarn woven square thin fabric, with soft and smooth moisture absorption characteristics, no obvious deformation after washing. There are two types of printed handkerchiefs and dyed handkerchiefs. Printed handkerchiefs with natural cotton yarn woven into the fabric, after the drift of printing, cutting, sewing hot. The pattern has the geometrical figure, the stripe flower animal, the landscape scenery, the personage and so on. Dyed handkerchief is dyed yarn woven into the blanks, through bleaching, finishing, cutting, sewing hot. Most of them are based on plain weave, combining satin and jacquard weave, woven into satin (lattice), jacquard, floating pattern embroidery, yarn luo and other varieties. According to the use of the objects are divided into male, female and Dompa, the specifications and colors are different. There will be manual painting, embroidery, printing and embroidery combined with cutting flowers and other applications in handkerchiefs, improve the sense of arts and crafts.