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How Do The Silk Neckties Wash
- Jun 07, 2018 -

When the tie is used for a period of time, it is easy to get dirty. It should not be washed by the lower sailors and washed in the washing machine. It should be sent to the dry cleaning shop, and the professional washer should be cleaned. Otherwise, it will fade and shrink and create a wrinkled feeling. If it's not very dirty, you can do it yourself.

One is wet washing. The two is dry cleaning.

Wet washing necktie

Method 1

The necktie can be put in the soaping water of 30 centigrade for 1-3 minutes and brushing with a brush gently along the necktie line. It can not be hard brushed, and can not be rubbed at any time. After cleaning, rinse clean with water of 30 degrees C. Then press it by the way. If the tie is washed away, the stitches on the back of the tie can be dismantled, ironing the necktie fabric and lining cloth, and then sew it properly.

Method 2

The generals are placed on a paper template with a soft brush or foam plastic dipped in a few diluted cleaners, and then wiped out with dry towels and scrubbed with a clean wet towel.

Dry cleaning necktie

Method 1

It is advisable to dip the cotton ball in a small amount of alcohol or gasoline, wipe it gently, remove stains, then put a damp white cloth on it and press it with an electric iron. The temperature of ironing is determined by the material used in the tie. The temperature of chemical fiber fabrics should not be too high (below 70 degrees Celsius), and the temperature of wool fabrics can be higher (below 170 degrees Celsius).

Method 2

Dip the soft brush into a small amount of gasoline and brush the stains along the warp and weft threads of the necktie fabric. After the volatile smell of the gasoline is evaporated, wipe it several times with a clean wet towel.

How to scrub the silk necktie

Use the rubber sheet or thin plywood to make a model according to the Tie size, put the tie on the model, dip the hair brush dipped in the detergent and scrub the tie gently. Then rinse with clean water (be sure to brush clear). After washing for a while, it can be lined with a white wet cloth and ironed with an iron. Then the model can be removed. In this way, the tie will not be deformed, and it will be as smooth as new.

Drying of silk neckties

When you are drying, you should use a thin sponge pad to clamp the mouth, so as to avoid the fabric from getting out of shape and wrinkling.

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