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How To Clean And Maintain Tie?
- Oct 27, 2018 -

Washing and maintenance of necktie:

1. Silk tie should be hung in the cabinet after use, ventilated, to prevent pressure; dry-cleaning, and low-temperature ironing.

2, polyester tie can be washed with neutral detergent, hanging dripping, reverse ironing, do not screw up.

3, if your tie is smeared, you can use the paper towel or handkerchief to press the stain to dry the juice. Remember not to smear those stains, as this will enlarge the scope of smear.

How to clean and maintain tie?

4. When washing the tie, put it on a smooth board, brush it lightly and rinse it slightly.

5. Mild stains as long as the cotton dipped in alcohol stains along the silk lines of the fabric gently wipe it, no need to wash.

6, if the tie is too dirty, use more than 120 solvent gasoline to dry clean.

7. Before washing, put a layer of the same shape of hard paper in the tie, then spray water, gently brush the dirt with a brush dipped in the detergent, then wash it completely and quickly, and finally rinse it with clean water.

8, tie should not be exposed to sunlight, otherwise it will cause yellowness and affect the appearance.

9. The tie is not used for a long time. It is better to iron it once before storage to achieve the purpose of insecticide and sterilization. The tie should be kept dry.

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