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Necktie Washing
- Jul 21, 2018 -

1. washing way: because the necktie fabric is different from the lining material, it is very easy to wrinkle after washing, and it is easy to destroy the luster of the necktie surface at the same time. It is not necessary to put the whole tie in the water to wash. It is easy to stain dirt in ties where tie ties. You can put it in a basin filled with petrol and wash or brush it with your hands. For other dirt, wipe the cloth with petrol.

2. washing raw materials: such as dry cleaning, washing raw materials are high purity alcohol or more than 120 colorless solvent gasoline.

3. washing: soak the silk tie for about ten minutes; use a smooth and needless stick to tapping the tie dirty, if the tie is too large, can be gently kneaded by hand; after rinsing clean water, hang up with a clothes hanger. After solvent evaporation, if there are a lot of stains on the necktie, soft brush can be used to wash lightly.

4. ironing: when ironing, it is cut into a necktie with a cardboard or a tie shaped with a piece of white paper. It is stuffed into the necktie lining and then ironed gently in order to prevent the ironing of the sides too dead or ironed without the cloth, but it is appropriate to use low middle temperature and fast ironing to avoid the phenomenon of yellowing and "Aurora". If the tie has a tie. A slight wrinkle can be tightly wrapped on a clean wine bottle, and wrinkles can disappear every other day.

5. storage: tie should not be exposed to sunlight, so as to prevent yellowing and fading. Keep your necktie dry. Do not use camphor pills to prevent moth. When collecting, you'd better iron it first so as to achieve the purpose of killing insects, sterilizing and moth proofing. The tie is best hung with a hanger, covering a cloth bag to prevent dust.

Some stubborn stains on the ties that are easy to stick on the tie:

1. in addition to printing oil stains: the mixture of soap and gasoline (not water cut) on the color stains, gently washes, make it dissolve and fall off, then wash with soap water, rinse with clean water. If the soap is washed, the grease has been removed, the color is still in, and it should be discoloring. Use bleach powder or insurance powder (for silk necktie) to eliminate color stains.

2. remove blood and milk stains: carrot is crushed and mixed with salt. Rub it on a tie with blood and milk stains and rinse it with clean water.

3. in addition to tea and coffee stains: if the coffee or tea is sprinkled on the tie, if it is immediately removed and washed with hot water, it can be washed. If the stain is dry, it must be washed in a more complicated way. Smear the stain with glycerin and egg yolk mixture. After a little drying, wash with water.

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