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Notice For Picking A Tie
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Do not depend entirely on his age to choose the color of the tie, trends and his preferences is more reliable basis.

Do not be afraid of the patterns on the tie is too loud, this season tie more emphasis on the overall artistic sense, decoration and appreciation are extremely strong, only the tie in the shirt, suit than the lining of the effect.

Don't give up the right to touch the tie. Only by touching the texture of their own hands can a more accurate intuition be formed.

Don't overlook the quality of the tie. Hold the wide side of the tie in your hand for a moment, then loosen it and pull it up to see if it can be recovered quickly and without any broken prints.

Do not overlook seasonal factors, depending on the season you will enter to choose the fabric of the tie. Generally speaking, summer is suitable for the purchase of silk printed tie, spring and autumn suitable for the purchase of dyed fabric tie.

Do not be bound by his accustomed tie style, everyone needs to constantly iconoclastic, brave to introduce fashion information to him, you will be considered his eyes the most appreciative and unique taste of the woman.