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Selection Of Neckties And Key Points Of Quality Identification
- Feb 23, 2018 -

Tie for men is representative of taste, so the choice and collocation of necktie must be careful! A little common sense today Shengzhou Yili tie Garment Co. Ltd. is to tie.

Necktie knowledge

1. varieties: necktie varieties can be divided into color tie, printed necktie, jacquard tie and woven tie. In addition, hand-painted neckties and embroidered neckties are regarded as treasures.

2. patterns of ties: a wide variety of flowers, but the common ones can be summed up in five categories

● Skew class: The characteristics of the pattern is not left to right, spacing is 0.5-1 inch diagonal strips, is a traditional necktie pattern, solemn and dignified, commonly used in formal occasions.

● Space pattern class: It has a diffuse flower type, with a blank space around the flower pattern, which is the most suitable for outing or visiting friends.

● Raw material implementation class: It is characterized by no flowers, only the original color of the fabric. If it is matched with blue and green monochrome suit, it has a solemn and dignified feeling and is suitable for suit style uniforms.

● Pezli class: Pezli is a city famous for its fabric in Scotland. Its product pattern has local characteristics, and the flower pattern is more whirlpool, and it is particularly lively and joyful.

● Plate pattern: This kind of necktie, which is very folded, has a wide range of applicability, but it is too dull in the United States.

3. tie styles: mainly is the width of the change. The width of 8-9 cm, the width of up to 12 cm, narrow only 5-7 cm, in our country, men's tie width is 8-8.5 cm, a tie for 7-8 cm, this change is often change with the width change suit collar and the collar, suit and the shirt collar width, the width of the tie becomes wide.

Selection of neckties

When you choose a tie, you should pay attention to the color matching with the suit and shirt, and make a tie, suit and shirt to make a three dimensional suit. Some costumes critics give four basic color matching methods, which are listed in the order of tie shirts.

1. thick, pale, pale blue suit, blue shirt group, with a blue tie, elegant, quiet, calm and steady performance of a person's temperament.

2., in short, thick, in contrast to the above, with a dark suit as the center, to the light, by gradually shallow both level and rhythm, such as brown tie. The performance of a person's calm and steady temperament, brown tie, real shirt brown, maroon suit, all blend into one harmonious whole. Very simple.

3., light, thick and light, with dark shirts as the center, echoing with light colored ties and light suits. Foreign countries call it sandwiches, though they are humorous, they vividly illustrate the color matching characteristics of "two shallow and one deep".

4. thick, pale and thick, such as violet (purple muddy blue) suit, with thick purple tie, contrast and gray shirt, as opposed to floating, character and elegant, is a common color of middle-aged people.

Methods to identify the quality of the necktie:

1, hand picked up the tie, you can start the big end, in order to see whether the weaving, dyeing, printing and other defects, especially in the big 33 cm must be neat and intact and clear. Since the tie is tied up, this is the most important part of the chest.

2, use your hands straight and straight to see if the tie is straight. Special attention should be paid to the inability to distort within 33 centimeters of the head.

3, hold your hand in the middle part of the tie, and then let go. The tie should be restored immediately and straightly. This tie has good quality and elasticity, and it can maintain good shape and is not easy to deform in use.

The above is the three ways to identify the quality of the tie, and I hope to give you the necessary help after the introduction.