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The Choice Of Tie Color Is
- Nov 17, 2018 -

The color of the tie depends on the color and pattern of the suit and shirt. It must be made to match the depth of the color and the temperature. Depth appropriate, that is, to suit a large area of color-based, tie supplemented by a small area, to achieve mutual foil, embellishment, decoration. If the suit is dark, the tone of the tie can be lighter; if the suit is light or grey, the tie can be dark; if the cold and warm tone is appropriate, the cold and warm colors of the suit and tie should be coordinated. For example, light grey suits can be worn with cold and warm dark ties; blue suits can be worn with purple and black stripes and dark patterned ties; black suits can be worn with red and white stripes, and brown suits can be matched with silver and grey stripes; generally speaking, the number of ties should be more than the number of suits, a suit can be prepared with three to three. Four ties, so that even if the suit is not often replaced, and the tie changes frequently, it can also give a fresh look.


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