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The Common Sense Of The Necktie
- Jul 21, 2018 -

1. Varieties. The necktie varieties can be divided into colored neckties. Printed neckties, jacquard ties and woven neckties. In addition, hand-painted neckties and embroidered neckties are regarded as treasures.

2. The pattern of the tie. There are many types of flowers, but the common ones can be summed up in five categories.

Slant stripes: the pattern is characterized by a left to the right and a distance of 0. The 5-1 inch slant is a traditional tie design, solemn and dignified, often used in formal occasions.

Spatial pattern: with diffuse flower pattern. There are equidistant blanks around the flower pattern, most suitable for outing or visiting friends.

Implementation of materials: its characteristics are plain material without flowers, only revealing the true colors of fabrics, if with blue. The green monochrome suit is dignified and dignified and suitable for accessories in a suit uniform.

Pezli class: Pezli is a city famous for weaving in Scotland. Its product pattern has local characteristics, and the flower pattern is more whirlpool, and it is particularly lively and joyful.

Plate like pattern: this kind of tie is very similar to the folded square scarf. Although it has wide applicability, it is too inflexible to make a good mistake.

3, necktie style: mainly the width of the change. The width is 8-9 centimeters, the width is 12 centimeters, and the narrow is only 5-7 centimeters. In China, the width of men's ties is 8-8. 5 centimeters and a female tie of 7-8 centimeters, the change tends to change with the width of the collar and shirt collar, and the suit and shirt collar widen and the width of the tie widens.

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