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The Historical Legend Of The Tie
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Wear a formal suit, and then tie a beautiful tie, both beautiful and generous, but also to give people a sense of elegance and solemnity, however, symbolizes the civilization of the tie, but it is from the uncivilized evolution. The earliest ties can be traced back to the time of the ancient Roman Empire. At that time, the soldiers were wearing a scarf, it is used to wipe the DAO cloth, in combat DAO to the scarf on a drag, you can erase the blood above. Therefore, the modern tie is mostly striped pattern, the origin is this.

Ties in the UK has been a long and interesting development process, the United Kingdom is a long time behind the country, in the Middle Ages, the British people with pigs, cows, mutton as the staple food, and eat without knives and forks or chopsticks, but by hand grabbed a chunk of the mouth gnawing. With no shaving tools, adult men had matted beards and wiped their beards with their sleeves when they ate. Women often have to wash this oily clothes for men. After the trouble, they came up with a solution, in the man's collar hanging a cloth, can be used to wipe the mouth at the same time, nail a few small stones on the cuff, whenever men again according to the old habit of wiping his mouth with the sleeve, will be the Stones scratched. Day, British men have changed their past uncivilized behavior, and the cloth hanging under the collar and the small stones attached to the cuffs naturally become the traditional appendages of the British men's blouses. Later on, it evolved into a popular ornament--ties to the neck and buttons tied to the cuffs--and gradually became the world's popular style.

Tie Protection said that the tie was originally originated from Germanic, Germanic living in the deep mountains, nascent, dressed in hides to keep warm, in order not to let the skins fall, they use rope tied to the neck, tie the hides. In this way, the wind can not be blown from the neck, both warm to wind, and then their neck rope was found by Westerners, gradually perfected into a tie.

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