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The Meaning That The Pattern Of The Tie Represents
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Twill represent brave, square representative enthusiasm, floral representative considerate, vertical line represents ease, horizontal lines on behalf of smooth, wavy lines on behalf of lively, jumping, round on behalf of full maturity.

From the angle of pattern collocation, with tie shirt, as long as mastered a few principles, can save a lot of trouble.

Do not match the same type of pattern, plaid suit do not match plaid shirt and plaid tie. If you wear a dark plaid suit, a plain or striped, patterned shirt and tie are beautiful. Plaid shirt with twill tie, straight shirt formula lattice pattern tie, although all are straight strips, but there are changes in the direction of the grain, not monotonous. A dark-patterned shirt with a patterned tie. The dark lattice here can be treated as a plain, printed or patterned tie preferably with a plain shirt. If you have a plaid or a line of shirts, it will be a little dazzling.