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What Are The Neckties And Ties Of Necktie?
- Nov 17, 2018 -

What are the fabric characteristics of ties? Tie fabric composition, tie can see a man's mood, is happy or deep, is melancholy or lively, a woman often said how I always lack a dress, and men said, how many ties are not enough. A tie that shows a man's self-confidence can choose good color and fabric. Teach you to be a man who knows life.

Selection of tie fabric:

The general neckties of the necktie include silk, knitted polyester, woolen fabric and pure cotton satin poplin. They have their own characteristics. Silk tie is light and soft, more elastic, crystal and pleasant in color, quiet and elegant pattern, silk tie has higher requirements for lining, preferably a slightly thick wool lining, so the wool feel is good, smooth and inclusive, slightly creased at the tie knot after the tie; knitted polyester tie is rich and thick, elastic is not easy to wrinkle, recovery. Sex is better than silk tie, it is not easy to crease after tie, and the feel is not as smooth as silk tie, but it can give people a rough feeling because of weaving. The knot method should be a little loose and not easy to tighten. Wool tie is mostly a thin plain cloth, such as black or dark brown ordinary lidding, and the average feel is better. The impression is dignified and generous. The pure cotton satin poplin tie is smooth, thick, silky and elegant in tone, but it has poor elasticity and resilience. It loses luster after launching. Therefore, it is not suitable to wash it regularly. In addition to knitted tie, the fabric must be 45 orthogonal inclined. There should be no faults, color difference, discoloration or improper printing on the front of the big end. The outline of the tie is symmetrical, smooth, non-oblique bending, good smoothness and even stitching on the back.

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