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YILI History

In 1994, the founders, Li Yuming and his wife Lou Liangmei opened a shop in China Tie Market in Shengzhou which is named as “The Ties Country of China”. Li was responsible for the design and purchase, and Lou was responsible for the sales. "The good faith management" was their rules. At that time there was an Egyptian who could neither speak Chinese nor had translator. He chose and bought a lot of ties, but the amount of each purchase from different stores was very small. What's more, because of his language barrier, many merchants disregarded him so the quality of the goods was in an uneven level. When Lou saw it, she helped him look for the merchants he ordered and helped him to check the packaging. Finally, no tie was left out. The next day, the Egyptian had someone written "good woman" in Chinese to show his gratitude to Lou. Later, the Egyptian's business grew bigger and bigger, and ten years later he became YILI's long-term customer of the big company. "YILI is my home" is a phrase he always says every time he comes to YILI.


Company Equipment

YILI have the most advanced woven equipment in the world, which are from Italy. YILIs have our own advanced company business practice and quality control standard.Our company is able to do with the whole tie-producing from types designing, fabrics weaving, handmade and machine-made tailor and exporting. Our products have been sold well not only in China, but also in other countries like Germany, Australia, the US, Korea and Southeast Asia.To face the competition and challenges form the market, our company will be always centered on specialized operation and develop talent capital based on the future of YILI.


Hot Products


  • 25 years of production experience
  • Own factory building and equipments
  • ISO 9001, BSCI certification
  • Professional design and color matching team
  • One-stop service of design, manufacture and export
  • Real manufacturers, not trading companies
  • Professional customization services
  • Quick proofing
  • Thousands of designs are optional
  • Credit management

SINCE 1994