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The Method Of Tying A Tie
- Jan 31, 2018 -

A tie is a dress piece that is mounted on the collar and tied to the neck of a shirt and knotted in a broad sense, including a bow tie. It is usually used in combination with suits, is the people (especially the men) marriage and daily life of the most basic clothing products.

A tie is the soul of a suit. Take part in a formal social event, wear a suit or tie, or a bow tie. Tie length is suitable for belt buckle. When wearing a vest or sweater, the tie should be placed behind them. The tie clip is usually sandwiched between the 45th button of the shirt.

When wearing a suit, the shirt sleeve should be 1-2 centimeters longer than the suit sleeve, and the shirt collar should be about 1 centimeters higher than the suit collar. The hem of the shirt must be pierced in the trousers. If you don't tie your shirt, the collar should be open. In formal communication occasions, the color of the shirt is best white.

As a male classic, the tie is the most frequent accessory in the wardrobe of the elite men.